Eight ways that a financial advisor can help

January 4, 2016

Here's eight ways that a financial advisor can help you plan for your future.

No matter what you’re saving for – whether it’s a long and healthy retirement, putting your kids through university or buying a vacation property some place warm – having a thorough plan will help you reach your goals.

This can be a lot of work, but you don’t have to do it alone. Financial advisors have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your investments are suitable and that you’re on track to achieving your short- and long-term goals.

Here’s just a handful of the many ways that financial advisors can help you achieve your financial goals:

1. Create an investment and retirement plan

Creating an investment and retirement plan is one of the most important things you can do when planning for your future. One reason is that a thorough plan will help ensure you have enough money for your retirement.

2. Share saving strategies for future purchases

In order to make large purchases – such as a house, car, cottage or wedding – a reality, saving for them should be coordinated with your broader financial goals.

3. Save time

There are better things to do than worry about every aspect of your investments – a financial advisor can help you handle the complicated issues so you can concentrate on other important investment decisions in your life.

4. Build a strategy to help reduce debt and save for the future

Canadians have taken on a record amount of household debt and planning to reduce it can reduce your stress.

5. Help you build an emergency fund

Although the exact dollar figure will be different for everyone, building a significant “rainy day” fund will give you peace of mind knowing you can weather an unexpected storm.

6. Refer you to another expert, like a tax planner or an accountant

You deserve to work with best-in-class professionals – and your financial advisor can recommend an expert to address your needs.

7. Help you retire when you want to retire

No matter what the news headlines may say about the financial challenges that face Canadians, retirement on your preferred schedule is still possible. 

8. Plan and administer an estate after the passing of a loved one

When a loved one dies, trying to manage estate responsibilities while you are grieving isn’t an easy task.

While this list is not exhaustive, it shows you many ways in which financial advisors can help you on your path to achieving your financial and investment goals.

To learn more about how financial advisors will help you create a plan to achieve your goals, visit AGF.com/ValueOfAdvice.

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